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 Drawing Features

Service options

23D Gym Design can help with all stages of your fitness design/sales needs 

Years of design experience has enabled us to develop a system of design that addresses the many variables needed to create the most functional space in an efficient time.  We work directly with the sales team, owners, designers, and architects in the early stages for spacial planning with our 2D services all the way through pre-sales and final installation with our 3D images and fly-throughs. 

From Initial Conception to Installation

Leading the industry in 2D and 3D gym design 

3D Images

3d Drawings2D files converted to 3D real-life multiple images of how the gym will look once completed. Drawing contains multiple angles within the gym as well as an overhead shot. Great for both initial presentation as well as pre-sale for clients
 2D Color

Similar to the Basic 2D drawing with the added feature of colored equipment as well as colored zone call-outs for the different area's within the gym.

2D Interactive

2D Layout converted into flash with interactive pop-up equipment images when the user clicks on each icon. Great for initial presentation to clients.

2d Basic

Our 2D drawing include private labeling, equipment placement, and equipment labeling delivered in a number of formats including DWG, DXF, JPEG, and PDF.